2015-2016 School Year Calendar

We tend to follow the Chariho School Calendar.  This includes closings for snow days.  If Chariho schools announce a closing, we will close also.

September 3, Thursday                             Picnic/New Parent Open House

September 4, Friday                                  Children’s Open House

September 8, Tuesday                               First Day of School

October 12, Monday                                   Columbus Day, Closed

November 11, Wednesday                          Veteran’s Day, Closed

November 25-27, W-F                                 Thanksgiving Break, Closed

December 21-January 1                               Christmas Break, Closed

January 4, 2014                                               Back to School

January 18, Monday                                     Martin Luther King Day, Closed

February 15-19, M-F                                      Winter Recess, Closed        

March 25, Good Friday                                Good Friday, Closed                                   

April 18-22, M-F                                            Spring Recess, Closed

May 30, Monday                                           Memorial Day, Closed

June 8, Wednesday                                      Last Day of School/Picnic